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bang the drum and raise the flag


A protest in Utah against Wal-Mart

A protest in Utah against Wal-Mart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


bang! bang! bang!
bang the drum
and raise the flag


shhh, if we told you what was really going on….
we’re protecting you

you understand?

don’t you just love your new WalMart?
aren’t your smartphones pacifiers enough?
we just need you to understand the nature
of your sacrifice
it is your lot

bang! bang! bang!
bang the drum
and raise the flag

our enemies have us surrounded
well, maybe not
but we have certain interests
that are really none of your concern
and all we ask is just a little more of your blood to shed

there is no remission of sins without the shedding of blood




grist for the military machine
foolish little boy dreams
of glory on some forgotten battlefield
as if freedom demands the blood
of those that love it

perhaps one day
war will be a fading memory
among those taught
freedom begs a better way

the cats are all in their cradles

War Machine

War Machine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the cats are all in their cradles
dreaming of clear blue sky
filled with birds
filled with birds

gonna revisit the cross
yer gonna revisit the cross
my hands bleed red ink

there may have been such a thing
as an innocent bystander
perhaps not
sit around and pat each others backs
that could have been us
yeah i feel sorry for some of them fellars

what do you believe will happen
when there’s nothing left to blow up over there?
do you think the War Machine will come to a halt

but what about all those jobs?
it’s a matter of time
in the course of history
for the Victors to turn in upon themselves

Cry Havoc

A U.S. Army Air Force Douglas A-20G-20-DO &quo...

A U.S. Army Air Force Douglas A-20G-20-DO “No. 57” (S/N 42-86657) in flight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Cry Havoc”
he said offhandedly
his sword still in its sheath

“Let loose the dogs of war!”

of course he didn’t mean himself or his
he had others that would do his bidding
and suitably indoctrinated
they would gladly spill their blood
on a battlefield of his choosing

maybe more like kindling
to fire his far flung ambitions
after all he had a mountain of Mammon
to build as his memorial

and Oh Yes!
don’t forget the legacy
keep it in the bloodlines
the blood that runs blue
truer than any rivers of red ink


Lay off my quadrant, Gumbytron!

Una hembra de hamster ruso

Una hembra de hamster ruso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Jehovanator had gotten pretty up tight over the millenia, having been confined to this backwater sector of a minor Galaxy.  He especially didn’t like other gods muscling in on his territory.  He had pressed the “smite” button on the followers of a few minor gods who were trying to get a foothold in his franchise on more than one occasion.


This Gumbytron was gonna be a problem though. She was insidious. She would do stuff for Beings she had no hand in creating and not expect anything in return. He looked at it as a sort of “loss leader.” You know give out some free stuff until you can get your foothold in a market, then when they’re hooked, hit them with the worship and sacrifice shtick. He had seen it before.


But, the Jehovanator had completely misread Gumbytron’s intentions.  Her mission with the Hamster planet of Snadragon had taught her a few things about sentient beings.  She had watched the fear that the human population lived in from their designated god.  That the people of the planet still found joy in their existence was a tribute to the human spirit and not a reflection of anything the Jehovanator had done for the local population.


The cycle for one small planet in the sector presented an opening for Gumbytron.  Earth had been sequestered since the end of the last ice age with a probability randomizer and was unable to send or receive signals to any of the other populated planets in the sector.  Because of this, most of the humans sincerely believed that they were alone in the cosmos and that maybe the info the Jehovanator had planted with his pyrotechnics and smiting was all there was to know about human history.   The randomizer had start losing its phase response in the year 1994 of the major Earth Calendar and people were already plotting transdimensional grids in a few of the larger Earth settlements.


The phase response fluctuations would come and go but were fairly predictable.  Gumbytron had sent Agnew to Earth in 1963 to prepare a transition point for the Hamster People so they could open trade negotiations with the aboriginal peoples of the planet.  There were of course many alien seeded species on the planet that would have to be avoided.  They usually had agendas that were contrary to hamster principles.


Gumbytron had taught the hamsters of Snadragon many things that the Jehovanator had withheld from his created beings.  She knew that once she had lifted a spirit from the vacuum of non-existence there were really only two ways to control its ultimate destiny.  Through love or through fear.  The path of love would, of course, create beings of infinite potential that would learn that their bodies were merely a tool for the expression of the great Spirit on the lowest plane of existence.   The teachings she passed on to the hamsters through her many incarnations empowered them to teach their offspring that more could be achieved with cooperation than with competition.


Not that competition was useless, but that because of the transitory nature of the physical vessel, more could be achieved by the accumulation of wisdom than by the keeping of secrets.  New insights that even Gumbytron was surprised by were constantly being revealed in the woven mythos of Snadragon.


to be continued


a renunciation

a renunciation

i will not celebrate
another year of war mongering
another year of fake news to keep me programmed and docile
i will not celebrate
another year of slavery to an unsustainable system

let the cliffs come
let Malthus have his Day
the status quo is killing me
it may sustain my carcass
but my Spirit has had it

be Patient?
i have been patient my whole life
it is time to take my Staff, my Book, my Helmet and Kazoo
and cast my own Future

and if that leaves me
sitting Alone, frozen
on an Asteroid going anywhere
pondering a Coke booger
I once drew from my left nostril
(Oh holy Magnificent Coke Booger)
for a Thousand years of Peace

i’m on my way

in my crystalline state
i will learn who i am
and how to dream
and my Friends
i will see you in those dreams
in Peace

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