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a moment of your attention

English: This is the upside down view of Orion...

English: This is the upside down view of Orion where you can see the ‘pot’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


what brings me
fills my Being
with Hope?

the simplicity of a gentle April rain

moonlit nights dreaming of Orion’s Belt

conversations with my sister’s cat

the neighbor’s black squirrel
that keeps the wheels turning

Simple things
with such power
the power to drown out the tumult
of Matrices of Dissonance
everywhere intruding in this life

but not in that Simple Space of Solace
and all that it requires

is a moment of Attention

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live to tell


Professor Butts and the Self-Operating Napkin

Professor Butts and the Self-Operating Napkin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


live to tell
live for what it’s worth
to provide the wastrel’s tale
to those that seek
for Beauty. for Truth

of each, I have found
much that I deemed genuine
but it is all Shit

if Truth, Beauty exist
they have a solitary frame
that rarely two or  more can share

there is so much Ugliness
there is so much Falsehood in the World
parading as Beauty and Truth

look at the blade of grass
on a frosty March morning
and ponder the Mandelbrot of Crystals
beckoning you to infinities
that are beyond your ken

the simple miracle of a can of beans
that a stranger working in a factory
put on your shelf

Rube Goldberg Machine

our only Hope

if we,
when we,
find the Beauty
when we,
find the Truth

it is, for a moment,
as all suffering is naught




Zen…… (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

that something
the feeling that you have turned
a corner
a new page
a new leaf

a feeling of arrival

but it’s still the same world
same people
same problems and worries

but you
you see it through different eyes
like the blueprints of some great plan
you had no idea
was unfolding

for you

that something
when the doors all open your way
at your command
in anticipation

not because
you are in no hurry

it’s just that the Universe
now anticipates
your arrival

and that is the Zen
of what you mean
and who you’re meant to be

your True Self

why do you worry so?

Don't Be Happy... Just Worry

Don’t Be Happy… Just Worry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



not just the precipice
we peer over expectantly
there is peace in the light
but also in the darkness
is where you find it
find yourself
not ruminating
over things that have no matter
nothing has matter
so why do you worry so?


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