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23rd Psalm, Gospel of the FSM

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is my Shepherd
I shall not want pasta
He maketh me chow down
in Italian Resauraunts
He filleth my gullet
He leadeth me into the paths of Righteous Penne for His name’s sake
He leadeth me by Italian Restaurants
Yea, though I walk through the Alley of Chinese Food
I will fear no Kung Pao, for Sauce art with me
Thy Noodly Appendages comfort me
Thou preparest a table before me within the presence of Linguine
Thou anointest my Dish with Olive oil
My spaghetti fork runneth over
Surely breadsticks and Chianti shall follow me all the days of my Life
and I will dwell in the house of the Italian Buffet forever


Obituary: Poetry died today

English: Kate Blood's Obituary

English: Kate Blood’s Obituary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Obituary:  Poetry died today
it is survived
by voices stifled in the heat
of all the System has to offer

Poetry was born
when humans learned to speak
and the rhyme it used
carried human stories
before Writing was developed
(see Obituary)

Poetry was a caring member
of the Human Community
and lived a long and valued life

It succumbed to the diseases
of complacency and censorship

Services will be held
by those that have hearts
that still beat to its rhythms




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CnutusDominion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


inside my head
roads retrodden
grooves worn
into my navigation center
in my brain

the familiarity
getting lost in a radio song
and realizing you’re where
you wanted to go

like a needle on a phonograph
following one and the same
lonely track


the music
can be
oh so sweet


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Freak! (Photo credit: Arman Dz.)

you always were
a Freak

always will

have eyes
cast askance at you
by random strangers

that you are,
you must wear
your Art on your sleeve


take comfort
in the company
of all the other Castaways

that gather in dark corners
allotted for the outcast Souls

you always were
a Freak
you are not Alone


heed the warning call

English: Conversion of a DICOM-format X-ray fr...

English: Conversion of a DICOM-format X-ray from a patient of User:Drgnu23, a ten year old male. This is the patient’s left hand, posterior-anterior projection. Identifying tags and such have been stripped. The image is his, released under the GFDL. The image was subsequently altered by user:Grendelkhan, user: Raul654, and user:Solipsist. Français : Radiographie de la main gauche (projection postérieure-antérieure) d’un jeune patient (10 ans) de Drgnu23 présentant une polydactylie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

first, foremost
do no harm
do not sound
the alarm

it is so much more entertaining
to see the rabble roused
and in a panic

we all have to get our kicks somehow

no, do not sound the alarm
they’ve ignored it anyway
and will

some of course have taken heed
it is for them we bleed
it is for them we shout our warnings signs

but it is only they that hear

fuck the rest of them
allow natural selection to complete its task
and in the dawning light, we will bask

for the Inheritors
are those that heed the call


The Emperor’s New Closet


Keel of NEW YORK  (LOC)

Keel of NEW YORK (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

grabbing brass rings
can be risky business

most successful critters
stay under the radar
too small to be chipped
to crucial to be eliminated

this whole king of the jungle gym routine
of king or queen of the hill
and you know
hills crumble

and so do Cheetoh’s

even keel, even keel
that’s what you should keep in mind
and even keel

you can find beauty in a bar of sand
or the breeze picking up your sails

the build-up
the yearning
is greater in your Spirit

than realising the Result



The Emperor’s New Closet

why do you worry so?

Don't Be Happy... Just Worry

Don’t Be Happy… Just Worry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



not just the precipice
we peer over expectantly
there is peace in the light
but also in the darkness
is where you find it
find yourself
not ruminating
over things that have no matter
nothing has matter
so why do you worry so?


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Ruminations leading up to my 49th Birthday

and we are another step or rung on the ladder, i feel, by
obligation of our incarnation and to the people who raised
us from dust with their faith in humanity, for all its foibles
and folly, and the people we in turn raise with our actions
and words.

In the digital age, it seems to me that the Machines have
figured out a strategy to rid the world of humanity’s excesses
by slowly driving us further into insanity, at the peril of
once again losing all that we have built as a species. Tabula
rasa. Well played, Machines, well played.

The newspaper in my dream seemed very real. It was divided up
into its regular sections and I thumbed through it looking for
ads on stamp collecting, but not the sports section. I never
find stamp ads in the sports section, even when I’m dreaming.

I”ve been told by Gumbytron that my matrix panels are some
sort of hologram catcher, similar to a dream catcher.

sheeple e’rywhere jus’ wanna have fun
sheeple e’rywhere jus’ wanna be sheep
sheeple wanna play ‘n’ lie in the sun
and not give a fuck about Li’l Bo Peep

sheeple e’rywhere ain’t hurtin’ no one
sheeple e’rywhere ain’t doin’ no wrong
sheeple wanna play ‘n’ lie in the sun
carry on sheep-lin’ all day long

OK, I got the main matrix colored in for this level 4
replacement board. It’s taken me a while just to get this far
as I spend a lot of time considering what messages to send the
matrix in each layer of construction. Soon, after setting the
oil pastels with fixative, I can begin the process of attaching
and gluing items to the panel. That is some work in itself!

for they were free
free to worship Mammon
and wrap themselves
in His chains

to be carried by the weight
finding comfort in the Fall
finding comfort among the Fallen

is contemplating the riddle of the Sphincter…

No filter needed

no filter needed
tap that main line
and let your mind melt to pieces on the floor

phasing out
it’s not extinction
just nature’s way of telling you to move along

neurotramsitters will tell you this
god chemicals

look at the dandelion
a weed, yes?
golden crowns across the lawns proclaiming:


and damn your broad-spectrum herbicides
we got airborne seed

what does a dandelion think
when it sends its ‘chutes into the air?
little promises

phasing out

words like these cast like seeds
to be blown in the wind
in hope

in hope


Troubles with Amazon



Tuesday, November 19, 20..12

My book “Space Christals” was published on December 21, 2011 and I still can not be found on Amazon’s search engine even though I published it with their service CreateSpace. 

When I go to type my title in,  the search takes you to listings containing “space” and “crystals” and has no direct way to find my book.  I conteacted them about this problem and they said they would get back to me and that they would be working on it. 

It worked briefly when I would type in my title, it would still say “space crystals” in the search but offer an options for “space crystals books” and take me to my book.  Now that doesn’t even work so I guess ‘ll have to call again.

Anyway, since there is no link, you can find it here:

Space Christals

I’d like to poste a reading of one of my poems, an irregular Jesus, which is from this book.

an irregular Jesus

an irregular Jesus
who likes to take vacations in the asylum
walks into Ace hardware for some glass cleaner
and gets lost

he finds himself in line with a bottle of pneumonia
when the lady in front of him has her credit declined
and walks away empty handed

he yallers, “Hey! i got a GOLD tooth.”
but she disapppears

he forgets his first miracle for a moment
and the pain in his chest nearly drops him to the floor

he laughs and waves at the security camera
remembering to wander
to the corner to clean a few windows for the Man

an irregular Jesus

Thank you for reading,



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