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the cats are all in their cradles

War Machine

War Machine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the cats are all in their cradles
dreaming of clear blue sky
filled with birds
filled with birds

gonna revisit the cross
yer gonna revisit the cross
my hands bleed red ink

there may have been such a thing
as an innocent bystander
perhaps not
sit around and pat each others backs
that could have been us
yeah i feel sorry for some of them fellars

what do you believe will happen
when there’s nothing left to blow up over there?
do you think the War Machine will come to a halt

but what about all those jobs?
it’s a matter of time
in the course of history
for the Victors to turn in upon themselves


ease in

Hockey hockey hockey!


ease yourself in,
dip one toe,
feel the water…

ease into complacency
and join the rest of them
be happy chasing greenbacks
and playing Fantasy Hockey

drink a lot of beer


you know it’s only a latency,
you’re one of them,
you can fade like a flower of obscurity
obscure beauty
a sardine in a tin can

peel back the foil
and drain all the oil
packed in in tenements and suburbs
you’ll make fine appetizers

for the hungry gods you serve…


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