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Jehovah’s kiss

The Statue of Liberty front shot, on Liberty I...

The Statue of Liberty front shot, on Liberty Island. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


mad men in their vestibules
seeking counsel from vexe’d mules
pass this rider, here’s more cash
deals made over sour mash

written in rivers of corporate ink
how can the politician even think
that folks on main street will not hear
the American dream is strippin’ gears

gathered in the coffee shops
the radical quickly licks his chops
small businessmen invest in fear
in hopes of holding on just one more year

and teachers teach to worthless tests
to youth, imagination, none invests
while all about us the planet rages
no shelter found in cardboard cages

will we dream or face the depths
of Judgment’s fated gallows’ steps?
will we shine or cease to dream
inside this broken star machine?

i’d hope there’d be enough who wake
to save us from this planet’s fate
but hope is nothing, fools know this,
annihilation is Jehovah’s kiss





Freak! (Photo credit: Arman Dz.)

you always were
a Freak

always will

have eyes
cast askance at you
by random strangers

that you are,
you must wear
your Art on your sleeve


take comfort
in the company
of all the other Castaways

that gather in dark corners
allotted for the outcast Souls

you always were
a Freak
you are not Alone


unwashed, unshorn

trapped animals

trapped animals (Photo credit: adm)




the known associates are scattered
to the four winds
to the four winds

eating dumpster donuts in the ruins
washed ashore
unwashed unshorn

there’s a season to gather the stoned together
there’s no reason to give one little goddamn
there’s an answer to but one question
where the Hell is Hamsterdam?

washed ashore
unwashed unshorn
washed ashore
unwashed unshorn

the known associates are gathered
at the four corners
at the four corners

beating drums to bring the sky down
cast aside
the habit died

there’s a season to gather the stoned together
there’s no reason to look for what you can’t find
there’s a question you should be asking
and the answer’s never mind!

cast aside
the habit died
cast aside
the habit died

the known associates are gathered

*never underestimate the resourcefulness of ordinary people


climb that ladder mind not who you step on

The unsustainable geometric progression of a c...

The unsustainable geometric progression of a classic pyramid scheme, from Securities and Exchange commission report on pyramid schemes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


some say he climbed a ladder well
he had much to show for it
in many mens eyes
he was a leader

not afraid of stepping on a few
more worthier me than he

he kept a wife, two children, and a dog
it was the station he was on as a child perhaps
charity begins at home


it was a write-off
and much cheaper than advertising
media coverage
slush funds

well, maybe not slush funds
but high paying administrator jobs

even the atmosphere has layers to it
so why not society?

he was in the stratosphere
George Jetson

only so much room at the top
that’s why they call it a Pyramid Scheme


Babel to Babylon (and back again)


babel (Photo credit: throgers)


from Babel to Babylon
and back again

towers of information
techno Babel

a particle chamber annihilation
in one one trillionth of a second

what chance do we stand?
the powers that be have always been
and they will endure
they have their exit strategies well planned

but what about you or I?
are you tired of being herded into conformity
and seeing your children becoming cardboard cutouts?
don’t you see?
it’s starts with you or I

we must
must question why
and leave those questions in our children’s minds

it’s easy to fall in a comfortable dogma
but these dogmas no longer serve the day
they call it evolution for a reason
and what has always worked before
may lead to our extinction



smartphone zombies

A woman reading SMS messages on her mobile pho...

A woman reading SMS messages on her mobile phone while standing on a bike in traffic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a poem about the real zombies living all around us.

smartphone zombies

farts, moans, zombies
smartphone zombies

buzzing each other
like busy busy bees

step on some crack
and break a junkie’s back

weaving through mall traffic
impervious to life

watch the infection spread
moths’ staggering dance of death

but then how would they suspect?



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