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come look fer yerself…

English: The Battle of Stalingrad (1942-1943)

English: The Battle of Stalingrad (1942-1943) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


can ya carry me ‘cross
this here Dry Creek?

I got no feet
nor hands nor sphincter
I’m just a bloody
Shady Specter

tired of livin’
a Fool’s Folly
reachin’ into crania of spiders
but very few single GD human noggins
by Golly
I think I’ll make ME

a SPAM sammich
SPAM, well WIKI it if you must
Battle(Siege) of Stalingrad, etc.

’em pigs we slaughtered
fought off the Aryan Horde
at least out East …

out here in the Nether Regions
come have a look fer yerself…


Prayer Discussion

Women praying in the Western Wall tunnels. Thi...

Women praying in the Western Wall tunnels. This is a spot in the tunnel where Jewish women can be physically the closest to the holy of holies, so they face it in that direction and pray at the wall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Michael Veloff

    I’ve been sleeping mostly which is a surprise during a full moon
    Brucewayne Ccy

    Michael Veloff

    Yes, my sleep pattern is very irregular, been working with doctors since 1994
    Brucewayne Ccy

    should do something about it
    Michael Veloff

    They have tried everything, Bruce

    I have tried everything
    Brucewayne Ccy

    What about prayers?
    Michael Veloff

    Prayers? to whom?
    Brucewayne Ccy

    to you, yourself

    it might help
    Michael Veloff

    I have tried everything, if prayer worked, i wouldn’t be going to doctors
    Brucewayne Ccy


    try to pray more

    the only thing i can advise
    Michael Veloff

    thanks, Bruce
    Brucewayne Ccy

    My pleasure to advise^^
    Brucewayne Ccy

    Brucewayne Ccy

    still there?
    Michael Veloff

    yes, i am praying…
    Brucewayne Ccy

    Michael Veloff

    it’s not working, how long do i have to pray?

    i’ll go back to praying…
    Brucewayne Ccy

    not sure but just keepp doing that

    and you will be find
    Michael Veloff

    Bruce, you interrupted my prayer, do i have to start over now?
    Brucewayne Ccy



i won’t be

The worship of Mammon

The worship of Mammon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




i won’t be your superman
and i’ve got no master plan
i’m just doing all i can
to stay atop these shifting sands


eating fire from streaming screens
buried in minutia
at once
burn my insides
with the Beauty of a dying ember


i won’t hock my soul for Mammon
when i look around me, examine
War, Pestilence, Death & Famine
all Religion controls by damning


eating Fire from the Belly of the Beast
buried in the Afterglow
at once
a salty pillar
melting in the coming Rising Tide


i won’t sit and wait for Heaven
and i don’t need to be forgiven
a madman with no purpose driven
taking only what i’ve been given


eating fire from the fruits of Error
my burial plot thickens
at once
back to Mother Gaia
eating every last Unspoken Word


’em Words

Breadcrumb from Swedish breadmaker Skogaholm.

Breadcrumb from Swedish breadmaker Skogaholm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




It’s quiet around here… a li’l too quiet. Y’all are plottin’ ‘gainst me!


Calm down, Agnew! It’s just your Imagination. None of these people exist in any quantum mechanical sense of the way when you’re not interacting with them. Now how could beings in a quantum state get together and plot against you?


I don’t know but I seen one time on television where there was these quantum beings and they always seemed to be up to somethin’.


Agnew, you can’t believe everything you see on TV or read in a book, ANY book. You’ve gotta get your nose out of your laptop and head out of the clouds. Do you remember that stone buried in one corner of your yard when you were three years old? It was there before you and will be there or somewhere long after you have returned your body to Dust. How big was your World at three? Look how you have complicated it with your “investigations.”


You know I’m the curious type, always was a curious kid, liked blowing things up and taking apart radios. It was them words that got me, them words my mama read me and then all them teachers, heads all so full of ideas. Very few solutions, life ain’t simple as algebra was you know it starts me thinkin’ about how close to Life I was at three. But these people populatin’ my Reality, makin’ Noise for noise’s sake like a snake eatin’ its tail. I won’t take responsibility for complicatin’ my Life. The World grew big on me all on its own and on account of all ’em Words.


Agnew, “’em Words” can set you Free, if you choose to be Free. You’ve been given the Gift of a Human Experience and are lucky enough to be able to express it. “‘Em Words” were never yours, but what you make them mean, how you compose your alphabetic symphony is up you. The Cosmic Stream is there, it ebbs, it flows, but you are One who hears it. Be content in letting it flow and leave something behind, not bread crumbs on a trail.


etch each sketch upon the shifting sands

The Etch A Sketch Animator

The Etch A Sketch Animator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a sequence relived daily

which are dreams?
which is real?

perhaps the Universe is decidedly

an apprehension of a Finite —

Damn it!
a Somethingness

throughout my fluid runs
in and out of conscious thought

some call it Essence

— not remembering a Time when
You were not —


early Memories mixed with the
Infant’s Mute Metaphysics

and i have grown wise
i leave no more teeth under my pillow —

i have blocked out the Meadow in my mind
and replaced it with an Architecture
representing my impressions of it

and you read these words

Who are you?

Have you lost your way as I have?

I cannot lead you back
we must etch each sketch upon the shifting sands
of our Prejudices


SoundCloud reading:  <click here>

Bohemian Rap City

English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.

English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bohemian Rap City

the double dwelling youths
they claim to be hipsters
hip hop falling from their tongues
like some cysted sort of twister

their stories are the same
like when we played the game
but their beats are something fly
they got some new fish to fry

they bought into the dream
get an education was their plan
but now all they do is scream
their souls belong to Uncle Sam

their stories are the same
like when we played the game
but their beats are something fly
they got some new fish to fry

they’re tired of the lies
and the media manipulation
they’re turning off their sets,
getting high on information

yeah the stories are the same
but the names have all been changed
they got bigger fish to fry
ain’t gotta tell you why

politicians gather in their flocks
they don’t get nothing done
and speak their doubletalks
just a circus for the dumb

they’re waking up the Youth
to the cold and ugly Truth
they’re waking up the Youth
to the cold and ugly Truth

the people that’s in power
they don’t give a damn
about you or you or you or me
the people that’s in power
they know it’s all a sham
they feed it to us daily on HDTV

yeah the stories are the same
but the names have all been changed
their rhymes rising to the sky
and you better listen why


SoundCloud Reading/Rap –  <click here>

Dark Side of the Farce

KFC coleslaw

KFC coleslaw (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


giving in to the dark side
of the farce
parading as reality

the almost magical sound
of bitcoins jingling in your empty pockets

twisted into ‘why’s and ‘not’s
at every claw machine in the gallery
never enough

and then the parading streams
of in Formation
line us up like pretty little cabbages
destined to be rotting cole slaw
on the ash heap of Misery

Listen to the SoundCloud (w/jackhammer) : <click here>

but we need more bigger better faster grids
to move in Formation
around and around

and never ever notice another cardinal
sitting in a tree on an April day again


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