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Let us praise nugs

Recreation Hall

Recreation Hall (Photo credit: CT State Library)

for we that love the nug
must not fear to praise it
we pass the joint in love
in honor we do raise it

in peace we pass our pipes
no violence can it foster
we’ve smoked it our whole lives
so praise the kindred “toaster”

merrily we smoke the bud
and laugh with one another
no harm in sharing ganja love
with a sister or a brother

then fear not singing out
our ranks they can’t imprison
if we stand, from roofrops shout
our freedom can’t be hidden


Won’t Somebody Come Smoke Me Out?

song lyrics:


Won’t Somebody Come Smoke Me Out

I get the blues ‘most every time
My bag is empty ‘n’ I got no wine

Won’t somebody come smoke me out

I lost my job and the dog won’t play
Scratchin’ my head, all I gots to say

Is won’t somebody come smoke me out

My girlfriend scream ‘n’ my girlfriend shout
Won’t somebody come smoke us out

The fridge don’t work and I got no cable
No need to read the warning label

Won’t somebody come smoke me out

If you don’t care, what can I say?
Don’t come around ‘less you can play

Won’t you please come and smoke me out

My girlfriend scream ‘n’ my girlfriend shout
It’s time for you to smoke me out

Now yer my pal and yer my friend
Just make sure that the joint don’t bend

Thanks so much for smokin’ me out

My girlfriend scream ‘n’ my girlfriend shout
We found somebody to smoke us out



Smoke (Photo credit: AMagill)


Gather Ye Green Buds with apologies to R. Herrick

anti fascism graffiti

anti fascism graffiti (Photo credit:

Gather ye green buds while ye may
And soon ye shall be flying
The fools that bar thee will find dismay
In all that they’ve been lying

The glorious torch that lights the bong
The higher we’ll be getting
And gladly sing this mirthful song
Tis fascist rules a-setting

That bud is best which is the first
Just ask the ganja farmer
But being toked as heads are versed
Brings memories that much warmer

Then be not shy, but use your pipes
for occasions that are merry
let the fascist’s take their swipes
and prey they do not tarry


Reading of my Herrick Bastardization

How do I smoke thee, let me count the ways

November 30th 2012

how do i smoke thee?

how do I smoke thee?
let me count the ways
i roll thee in parchment and spark you up
within lung’s reach and the feeling’s out of sight
I smoke thee freely, never passing to the right
i love thee purely in the night
I love thee with a passion that i put to use
in my head, and with my trusty torch
I smoke thee with a love i never seem to lose
with all lost saints – i love thee with my breaths
all Smiles and laughs- and if God choose
I’ll smoke thee til my day of Death

This rather rough poem is my latest with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning.I also off you an audio reading of my poem:

children of the GMO

Mothing else for this evez but gratefulness for another Blessed day!

May Gumbytron Bless You and Yours



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