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Come Tomorrow, Try Again

Sun Pillar

Sun Pillar (Photo credit: tomhe)

Notes and vocal tracks for a song I am working on for a friend’s band in Georgia.
There style is jam band and I had started writing this several weeks ago and words
began dropping into my head as I was driving to see Ray & Co. in Huckabuck.

The music for the chorus/verse I had written several weeks ago dropped in yesterday
and today I tweaked it a little bit and then lyrics started to drop into the music
with stories of the band members finding verses in the song.  Shortly after that,
I started putting together a possible bridge or alternate chorus for the song.

SoundCloud of my vocal notes —>  <click here>


So-ometimes good ain’t good eno-ough
So-ometimes should’s just should have been
So-ometimes love ain’t ordinary
Co-ome tomorrow, try again

Sean vocal verse:

I got a Jes I want to marry
Ti-imes are hard, you understand
We fuss and fight, it causes troubles
Co-ome tomorrow, (I’ll) take your hand

Jeff vocal verse:

I got a Jes, we got two children
We’re workin’ (or tryin’) hard to make a home
I work all day, it causes troubles (or sorrows)
Co-ome tomorrow, ain’t gonna roam

Alt Chorus/Possible Bridge:

Co-ome tomorrow, Sun is shinin’
Co-ome tomorrow, I’m goin’ home
Co-ome tomorrow, Sun keep shinin’
Co-ome tomorrow, ain’t gonna roam

New Alt Chorus/Possible Alt Bridge (not recorded)

Co-ome tomorrow, Sun is shinin’
C0-ome tomorrow, you’ll understand
Co-ome tomorrow, Sun keep shinin’
Co-ome tomorrow, (I’ll) take your hand


Fulminate of Mercury (in retrograde)

Mercury And Spot

Mercury And Spot (Photo credit: makelessnoise)

Mercury in Retrograde just before I go on a Surprise Honeymoon.  Voter apathy
among sheeple with an appetite for clicking reward buttons.  Wach auf, Leute, wach auf!

Le Monde ne cesset pas, le monde de mon, n’est-ce pas?

A mighty big “IF” you are awake:


Fulminate of Mercury

a flourish
a rise
a pause

celebratory gum fire on a cold, cold November Day
the sheeple ever sleepeth

the Steeple too steep to climb
Alms budsmen sprinkle lawns with seeds of Hope

a yawn
a whimper
a few lonely howls left

by the waking dread

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