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A tree that grew up to be a man…

I watched a tree
grow up to be a man
because i was trapped inside its only joke

how many trees does it take to make one roll of toilet paper?

all of them
because every tree knows every other tree
on a first come first serve basis

and i can’t honestly
ever remember learning that
sitting in a coffee shop

Copper Wire Exorcism

Gotta take some copper wire to Helen tomorry fer some strippin’. ‘Bout
the only thing keep the demons away since she cain’t go to church meetin’s
or see the doctor. Lord, she happy when she strippin’ copper wire!

Tol’ her son ’bout the Orthodox Preacher used to come ‘roun’ once
a year fer Baba and she was finer than a glass a tap water out of a Welch’s
Jelly Jar but he say preacher done scared the Mass out of her and Clarence,
so I Gotta take some copper wire to Helen tomorry so she can chase them
demons away.

Still think the Orthodox Preacher would work but her son don’ wanna give
it a try an’ he have to live with her so…


Welch’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


grist for the military machine
foolish little boy dreams
of glory on some forgotten battlefield
as if freedom demands the blood
of those that love it

perhaps one day
war will be a fading memory
among those taught
freedom begs a better way

The Emperor’s New Closet

The Emperor’s New Closet

he never enters through the door
for fear of the poison
of those men’s minds

minds that will not yield
to his prescribed vision
of what freedom should taste like

no, far too dangerous, these men
whose ideas
could halt the advance
of all that he holds dear

they are dogs
worse than dogs
and they shall be kept silent
kept from the light
kept in shackles
kept hidden from humanity

for they are the poison
that dares to dream of other worlds
the emperor can never control


under the affluence

under the affluence

my old man
made his money outsourcing
worked long hours at it
when i was a boy

taught me a lot
how this world works


sent me
to the finest schools
no liberal arts bullshit for me

he molded me
made me in his image

i’m sitting pretty
at the apex of a castle of steel and glass

can almost still see the rest of the city
when the sea wind
blows the smog
off the bay


why do i feel cold?

do i feel the cold?
on sunny days
when i should just rejoice

going about their business
their business
in their enclaves of unawareness

or do they?
must they?

the hourglass of freedom

draining the fire
that once burned so brightly

do i feel cold?

momentary, grab it while supplies last

the way
to live your life
one thing

one moment
the only gift promised
but so easily overlooked

plans, worries, fears
hide this precious gift

blinding you
to the obvious beauty
you ignore at your own risk

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