Cry Havoc

A U.S. Army Air Force Douglas A-20G-20-DO &quo...

A U.S. Army Air Force Douglas A-20G-20-DO “No. 57” (S/N 42-86657) in flight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Cry Havoc”
he said offhandedly
his sword still in its sheath

“Let loose the dogs of war!”

of course he didn’t mean himself or his
he had others that would do his bidding
and suitably indoctrinated
they would gladly spill their blood
on a battlefield of his choosing

maybe more like kindling
to fire his far flung ambitions
after all he had a mountain of Mammon
to build as his memorial

and Oh Yes!
don’t forget the legacy
keep it in the bloodlines
the blood that runs blue
truer than any rivers of red ink


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