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jus’ me & Six Pack Jack

Vogel-Unter, Das große Kartenspiel, Kupferstic...

Vogel-Unter, Das große Kartenspiel, Kupferstich; Bird-Jack, The great pack of cards, etching, L. 269 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

jus’ me, jus’ me ‘n’ Six Pack Jack
sittin’ on the couch, eatin’ on a snack

ain’t got no cable and ain’t got no net
but we got a picture winda so we don’t fret

Jack tells me a story I’ve heard 10000 times
and I spit back mouthfuls of foolish rhymes

the day go by and the beer run dry
must be 4:20, it be time to get high

one paper left in a folded pack
enough for the schwag that’s left in the sack

Six Pack has got his twisting down
we forget where the hell we left that frown

jus me, jus’ me ‘n’ Six Pack Jack
and we don’t give a frick or frack



turn of the Screwed

Screw Holder: Second attempt

Screw Holder: Second attempt (Photo credit: wizard23)

The turn of the Screwed
chewed and distillated
spent on dime bag dreams
and empty beer cans

to everything
there is a season
but not in my back yard

not having it

tell the neighbors
over fence posts
Oh! We don’t do that any more

it’s texts and tweets
and updates floated on a place
called CyberSpace

just LOOK!

at everyone ignoring everyone
looking so important
just waiting to be discovered

little do they know
little do they know that
every spider ever manufactured
in a Tin Burton Dream
is just as qualified to climb the Golden Ladder


give me MY space
and I will write all over it

and listen for the empty echo of applause\



The Emperor’s New Closet

never mind

Rotisserie chicken that has been peeled, from ...

Rotisserie chicken that has been peeled, from Costco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




not redeemable
for cash

twist ‘n’ turn on a eucharist rotisserie
feel the lapping flames

cogito ergo sum
give me a smile
and smack me on the ass, coach
look at me, dad
i’m on the team

in the dark places
strange fungi sprout wings of old
and fly among the fly and hip

damn that short term memory loss
been smokin’ like a freight train

drop out
drop in
just don’t pay attention
it’s all just lemming dreams

the woman gave me to eat
and i did eat
yes i did
you got a problem with that?

never never never

the Spirit will carry
and carry on
it is not the Spirit’s toil
spirits do not toil
they dance like the lick of the flame
and flicker
as you would have them flicker

never mind the prop-a-ganda
we have physics to distract us
and scrabble
and keno

what’s the real Issue?

never mind


A song of Praise for Gumbytron

English: A short-haired hamster (named "E...

English: A short-haired hamster (named “Egbert”) sitting in its owner’s hand and eating a piece of carrot. Français : Un hamster mangeant un morceau de carotte dans les mains de son propriétaire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, the first verse is a chorus and the rest well you know.

Kinda cheesy but hey!

she gave the hamster freedom, will,
their planet she did carry,
she asked for nothing, nothing still,
was fond of Curly, Moe & Larry

she heard one night
of such a plight,
the plight of the earth dwelling human
she tarried not,
packed up her twat
and bounced toward the fire a-zoomin’

shelters o’er here
casinos there
not a light in the eyes of one human
looked by the size
but  zombies and fries
need an a-bomb? call disinfect Truman

no a-bomb she said
just bury the dead
and she cast a peculiar pallor
across, apace,
that great son’s face
she was known for her cunning and valor

coming hither
going tither
the humans all huddled and bonded
twas Gumbytron
who saved the sun
and gave back the joy twas absconded

all humans here
all hamsters there
rejoiced in her beautiful shadow
were filled with awe
from what they saw
they loved her and not cause they had to


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