a renunciation

a renunciation

i will not celebrate
another year of war mongering
another year of fake news to keep me programmed and docile
i will not celebrate
another year of slavery to an unsustainable system

let the cliffs come
let Malthus have his Day
the status quo is killing me
it may sustain my carcass
but my Spirit has had it

be Patient?
i have been patient my whole life
it is time to take my Staff, my Book, my Helmet and Kazoo
and cast my own Future

and if that leaves me
sitting Alone, frozen
on an Asteroid going anywhere
pondering a Coke booger
I once drew from my left nostril
(Oh holy Magnificent Coke Booger)
for a Thousand years of Peace

i’m on my way

in my crystalline state
i will learn who i am
and how to dream
and my Friends
i will see you in those dreams
in Peace

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