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grist for the military machine
foolish little boy dreams
of glory on some forgotten battlefield
as if freedom demands the blood
of those that love it

perhaps one day
war will be a fading memory
among those taught
freedom begs a better way

why do i feel cold?

do i feel the cold?
on sunny days
when i should just rejoice

going about their business
their business
in their enclaves of unawareness

or do they?
must they?

the hourglass of freedom

draining the fire
that once burned so brightly

do i feel cold?


you’re not paranoid


Metro_society (Photo credit: peterjaena)


you’re not paranoid
not in the least bit
we’ve been watching you
for quite some time

we find you rather dull, actually,
but commend you on your rabid consumerism,
the way you’ve bought into our system

you need not feel paranoid
we need you to stay the way you are
not questioning
not thinking

it’s only through your humble efforts
that we continue to thrive


requiem for a seed (Aaron Swartz)

English: Aaron Swartz at a Creative Commons event.

English: Aaron Swartz at a Creative Commons event. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

requiem for a seed

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repressed desire
a seed under the asphalt of society
waiting for light, for nourishment,
for freedom to live and breathe

a seed, a hope
not alone
among other seeds
under the asphalt

a seed breaks through
a seed is weeded in the asphalt
but has broken through

more seeds see the break, the light
they mourn a seed
and in their anger
find the strength
to break through the asphalt

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