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people that came from nowhere

people that came from nowhere

when you look up at the sky
which stars whisper your name?

there are a people of whom i have heard
that when they look up at the sky
no stars whisper to them

wandering over the skies
they only look down
no stars whisper their names

the fact that time moves at such a pace
that stars will constellate for us
is a miracle in itself

the hunter has been whispering my name
i have a place to go
i think

in the blink of an eye

urr 03.23.20..12


hard as a chisel, a fool inside

Saguaro and teddy bear cholla with mountains i...

Saguaro and teddy bear cholla with mountains in background (Photo credit: Martin LaBar)

hard as a chisel, a fool inside

music, memories
being packed away
like yesterday’s news

it’s contrary to my nature

to be so forthcoming

pieces of two lives, more
the hunter marks the trail

twelve to a pack and loaded for bears
wipe away tomorrow’s tears
a sunny spring day to walk on mother earth

an extra thumb in somebody else’s book

lost again for the third or forth time today
led on by the lies the senses tell you

next you’ll be telling me
i’m making all this up
well someone has too

Fragment of a Sub(urban) Daydream

12 blue rubbish bins arranged in a circle.

Image via Wikipedia

Fragment of a Sub(URBAN) Daydream


Nirvana is a short NAP
in a BROOKlined cemetery…

there are memory bank rob(BERRIES) in progress
for the POOR concentration CAMPERS.
Everywhere the CLEAN streets are
lined with litter bins collecting DUST
particles along the BACK
of their Alley Ca(r)t-wheels…

can you spare A. Diamond
For a CUP of laughter in the park
as Shake-The-Speare wiggles a toe in the SAND?

put the RUBY on Thursday’s pulse
This TIME out
so you can meet at BO(o)TH ends
in the Middle sometimes
If oHIo calls again,

ears prick up your arse in UNI(S)ON
As you SURF the radio WAVES
for pent-up or strangled melodies…

Wait for it! just wait… remember, Milton,
your services have ALREADY been rendered
in your HOLIDAY pants
and SMILING is only your favorite Opt-i(o)n.

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