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turn of the Screwed

Screw Holder: Second attempt

Screw Holder: Second attempt (Photo credit: wizard23)

The turn of the Screwed
chewed and distillated
spent on dime bag dreams
and empty beer cans

to everything
there is a season
but not in my back yard

not having it

tell the neighbors
over fence posts
Oh! We don’t do that any more

it’s texts and tweets
and updates floated on a place
called CyberSpace

just LOOK!

at everyone ignoring everyone
looking so important
just waiting to be discovered

little do they know
little do they know that
every spider ever manufactured
in a Tin Burton Dream
is just as qualified to climb the Golden Ladder


give me MY space
and I will write all over it

and listen for the empty echo of applause\



The Emperor’s New Closet

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