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a moment of your attention

English: This is the upside down view of Orion...

English: This is the upside down view of Orion where you can see the ‘pot’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


what brings me
fills my Being
with Hope?

the simplicity of a gentle April rain

moonlit nights dreaming of Orion’s Belt

conversations with my sister’s cat

the neighbor’s black squirrel
that keeps the wheels turning

Simple things
with such power
the power to drown out the tumult
of Matrices of Dissonance
everywhere intruding in this life

but not in that Simple Space of Solace
and all that it requires

is a moment of Attention

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jus’ me & Six Pack Jack

Vogel-Unter, Das große Kartenspiel, Kupferstic...

Vogel-Unter, Das große Kartenspiel, Kupferstich; Bird-Jack, The great pack of cards, etching, L. 269 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

jus’ me, jus’ me ‘n’ Six Pack Jack
sittin’ on the couch, eatin’ on a snack

ain’t got no cable and ain’t got no net
but we got a picture winda so we don’t fret

Jack tells me a story I’ve heard 10000 times
and I spit back mouthfuls of foolish rhymes

the day go by and the beer run dry
must be 4:20, it be time to get high

one paper left in a folded pack
enough for the schwag that’s left in the sack

Six Pack has got his twisting down
we forget where the hell we left that frown

jus me, jus’ me ‘n’ Six Pack Jack
and we don’t give a frick or frack


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