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never mind

Rotisserie chicken that has been peeled, from ...

Rotisserie chicken that has been peeled, from Costco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




not redeemable
for cash

twist ‘n’ turn on a eucharist rotisserie
feel the lapping flames

cogito ergo sum
give me a smile
and smack me on the ass, coach
look at me, dad
i’m on the team

in the dark places
strange fungi sprout wings of old
and fly among the fly and hip

damn that short term memory loss
been smokin’ like a freight train

drop out
drop in
just don’t pay attention
it’s all just lemming dreams

the woman gave me to eat
and i did eat
yes i did
you got a problem with that?

never never never

the Spirit will carry
and carry on
it is not the Spirit’s toil
spirits do not toil
they dance like the lick of the flame
and flicker
as you would have them flicker

never mind the prop-a-ganda
we have physics to distract us
and scrabble
and keno

what’s the real Issue?

never mind



should i write a sonnet about lemmings?

English: A dead lemming on a stone in the rive...

English: A dead lemming on a stone in the river RevÄa in Norway. Lemmings migrate in large numbers across the landscape, stopping for nobody. When they have to cross a river of some size, some lemmings will die. Every few years so many lemmings die this way that drinking the water from the streams becomes a health hazard to people hiking in the mountains. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



should i write a sonnet
about lemmings?
their charming culture
and complicated relationships?
should i go on and on about the baby lemming
a lemming mother lost in a snowstorm?
should i try instead to reform them?
or just laugh, heartily,
as they run off yet another cliff?



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