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’em Words

Breadcrumb from Swedish breadmaker Skogaholm.

Breadcrumb from Swedish breadmaker Skogaholm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




It’s quiet around here… a li’l too quiet. Y’all are plottin’ ‘gainst me!


Calm down, Agnew! It’s just your Imagination. None of these people exist in any quantum mechanical sense of the way when you’re not interacting with them. Now how could beings in a quantum state get together and plot against you?


I don’t know but I seen one time on television where there was these quantum beings and they always seemed to be up to somethin’.


Agnew, you can’t believe everything you see on TV or read in a book, ANY book. You’ve gotta get your nose out of your laptop and head out of the clouds. Do you remember that stone buried in one corner of your yard when you were three years old? It was there before you and will be there or somewhere long after you have returned your body to Dust. How big was your World at three? Look how you have complicated it with your “investigations.”


You know I’m the curious type, always was a curious kid, liked blowing things up and taking apart radios. It was them words that got me, them words my mama read me and then all them teachers, heads all so full of ideas. Very few solutions, life ain’t simple as algebra was you know it starts me thinkin’ about how close to Life I was at three. But these people populatin’ my Reality, makin’ Noise for noise’s sake like a snake eatin’ its tail. I won’t take responsibility for complicatin’ my Life. The World grew big on me all on its own and on account of all ’em Words.


Agnew, “’em Words” can set you Free, if you choose to be Free. You’ve been given the Gift of a Human Experience and are lucky enough to be able to express it. “‘Em Words” were never yours, but what you make them mean, how you compose your alphabetic symphony is up you. The Cosmic Stream is there, it ebbs, it flows, but you are One who hears it. Be content in letting it flow and leave something behind, not bread crumbs on a trail.


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