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Sunday compressed

the hamster was not made for Sunday
ImageSunday was made for the hamster

wake up with dreams of Snadragon
fading in the noonday sun
foggy memories that haunt the waking hours

do a quick check of all systems:
body, check
vision, check
imagination, check
serenity, check

drink a glass of water
stretch, stretch, s-t-r-e-t-c-h

another day, another Sunday…
another gift from Gumbytron

so many hamsters worshipping their football
sit and worship briefly
bless the forward pass

take the hrududu to marionkind
on a sunny afternoon
hamster paws serenely holding the wheel
there’s always a wheel somewhere with hamsters

a familiar road
under November skies
the King’s taxes well spent

mad Mike is out on his bike
and Father Time is assembled in his usual spot
flipping his remote between football and murdering shows

let’s go to Pittsburgh!

and do what?

you’re right

the perpetrator
the crumbhunter
the shiteater
his hind legs aren’t always cooperating these days
and the fur on his back is sparse

he’s begun to expect a Slim Jim
so we walk to the store down the street

time for the smoky communion
pauses in the thread of conversation
considering the thoughtsicles
that crust up in the imagination

floating back to the galleon
to take my place among the galley hamsters
push button-get reward
our only motivation
push button-get ignored
our state of stasis

no response from the ethers
no pushbutton validation
string a few syllables together for no one
in particular

the point of making a point in pointlessness

sit beside the traffic
smoking a cigarette
as the breath clouds up the night
content with something
content with something


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