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children of the GMO


children of the GMO

while there are yet gods
walking the earth among us
can we taste the preservative kiss
as we walk the fields of GMO

eating the flesh of humans
directly from their bones
and dance beneath penumbral moons
while switchblades play in the sandpits

let us exhaust ourselves on each other’s shores
’til dawn bids us to sleep in lullaby bunkers
and dream in the centrifuge of audacity
the audacity against creation that we’ve become

come drink
from fetid stinking springs
that now smell like rosewater
let us dance in pools of toxicity
and fester with the best of them

there will be no time allotted
for regrets, of things undone

there will be no tears allotted
for the blotting of the Sun

we will melt together in the primordial oozes
and dumb
returned to sender
never to be opened

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