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heed the warning call

English: Conversion of a DICOM-format X-ray fr...

English: Conversion of a DICOM-format X-ray from a patient of User:Drgnu23, a ten year old male. This is the patient’s left hand, posterior-anterior projection. Identifying tags and such have been stripped. The image is his, released under the GFDL. The image was subsequently altered by user:Grendelkhan, user: Raul654, and user:Solipsist. Français : Radiographie de la main gauche (projection postérieure-antérieure) d’un jeune patient (10 ans) de Drgnu23 présentant une polydactylie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

first, foremost
do no harm
do not sound
the alarm

it is so much more entertaining
to see the rabble roused
and in a panic

we all have to get our kicks somehow

no, do not sound the alarm
they’ve ignored it anyway
and will

some of course have taken heed
it is for them we bleed
it is for them we shout our warnings signs

but it is only they that hear

fuck the rest of them
allow natural selection to complete its task
and in the dawning light, we will bask

for the Inheritors
are those that heed the call


The Emperor’s New Closet

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