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Troubles with Amazon



Tuesday, November 19, 20..12

My book “Space Christals” was published on December 21, 2011 and I still can not be found on Amazon’s search engine even though I published it with their service CreateSpace. 

When I go to type my title in,  the search takes you to listings containing “space” and “crystals” and has no direct way to find my book.  I conteacted them about this problem and they said they would get back to me and that they would be working on it. 

It worked briefly when I would type in my title, it would still say “space crystals” in the search but offer an options for “space crystals books” and take me to my book.  Now that doesn’t even work so I guess ‘ll have to call again.

Anyway, since there is no link, you can find it here:

Space Christals

I’d like to poste a reading of one of my poems, an irregular Jesus, which is from this book.

an irregular Jesus

an irregular Jesus
who likes to take vacations in the asylum
walks into Ace hardware for some glass cleaner
and gets lost

he finds himself in line with a bottle of pneumonia
when the lady in front of him has her credit declined
and walks away empty handed

he yallers, “Hey! i got a GOLD tooth.”
but she disapppears

he forgets his first miracle for a moment
and the pain in his chest nearly drops him to the floor

he laughs and waves at the security camera
remembering to wander
to the corner to clean a few windows for the Man

an irregular Jesus

Thank you for reading,



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