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Oil Tanker Bertina

Oil Tanker Bertina (Photo credit: kenjonbro)


I dreamt
(perhaps it wasn’t a dream)

wasn’t a dream at all

across wasteland
looking down
eyes looking down

nothing forward
nothing passed

and there
in the middle of orange scrub
bumped into an oil tanker

or perhaps
i was a garden slug
encountering my house



grinding gears

English: Motor oil, Mobile 1 bottle blocked out

English: Motor oil, Mobile 1 bottle blocked out (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




they’re still talkin’
’bout Mopars and Hemis
on Diamond Street

grindin’ gears
and wishing wastefully
in between beers and shots

people hang on
to dreams we dreamed
dreams we have forgotten

halcion days
of gasoline and motor oil
in the backwash
of an American Dream


i’ll show you yours if you show me mine

Young Couple in Relationship Conflict

Young Couple in Relationship Conflict (Photo credit:




i’ll  show you yours
if you show me mine
let’s gather wool together
for the winter’s discontent

a few problems, yes,
i have with you
i know you got yours as well

let’s show and tell
and settle this thing

keeping it in
is inflaming the voices in my mind
and their cries of derision
i can
no longer stand

we never speak
of these things

we hold in our anger
hoping it will pass

why can’t we talk to each other?
let the waters flow under the bridge?

why can’t we be honest?
are our hearts too tender to handle the Truth?

let us speak
and clear the air

i’ll show you yours
and you show me mine


imperfect Geometry

English: Tic Tac Toe Logic is a next generatio...

English: Tic Tac Toe Logic is a next generation board game! available only through AppStore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Was gonna write ’bout how the Winer shit his pants in Huckabuck but that
will have to wait for tomorry night.  Here is a poem instead.




imperfect Geometry
that has no room

for extra Squares
ways out of the Humdrum Conundrum

Absurdity that tic-tac-toe
be all We have to Play

next you’ll be telling Me
You made all of this up

out of My Imagination


underwear i own

Mitt Presley

Mitt Presley (Photo credit: JonMartinTravelPhotography)

underwear i own

i steals into the night
i steals into your home
i heads straight for your pile
o’ dirty laundry
and back to my place i do roam

ma favorite pair of dirty undies
is some magic ‘uns i took from Mitt
they made o’ underoos
with magic symbols
even got a stripe o’ Romney’s shit

ma next favorite from the Dalai Lama
they smells like rosewater and really glow
he the cleanest mutha fucker
ever wore a Saffron Robe

I got Obama’s whitie tighties
hangin’ from a barber pole
in ma little crippled city
(where a big sign say sumpin about an American Recovery act
or sumpin like dat)
ya think i’d smell what comes from his asshole?

To the Hamster Foc’s’l!

Graphite Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment core

Graphite Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment core (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ugh, that’s what I forgot to do the last time I checked into the

asylum, find the freaking secret sub-causalian complex I imagine is

there somewhere, at least maybe I dreamt about it.  Actually it was a

dream and then I turned into a cartoon manning a control panel on one

of the central reactor core consoles.   Really not my type of work.

So maybe I best stay away from the ward…  besides, whose gonna man

the hamster fo’c’s’l?

The kids are all grown and don’t believe in my nonsense any more.

Maybe I should attempt to reason with them?  That would serve them

right, li’l bastards.  Strummin’ guitars in corner coffee bars and

getting  high on Information.  Can’t blame me for leading a few astray

and giving them a dose or doses of Imagination, but then I’m just an

Ol’ Hypocrite.  Hell yeah.

It’s the Capitalist Septic System, it’s the corner Nirvana, it’s

everything you ever dreamed you wanted and less.  Wait, yah right, we

don’t say Hark! any more these days, we oughta bring it back, oh yeah

but I hear Gumbytron’s footfall in the closet bowling alley…


You know that Gumbytron knows her way around a good smiting, He’s

taken, She’s given, but that’s a story for another day.

And all of a sudden I been noticing the critters wisin’ up an’ I

wonder if theyze gonna keep any of us maladapted simian’s around or

just gang up on us.  I swear three o’ Pop’s cats was chewin’ on my

ankles last night before I had to wrestle with the Jungle.  You know

what,  I been thinking, the Amazon sure would make a right fine

landing strip for alien spacecraft if we jus’ stripped all that would

outa there and dozed it flat.

Then may I can leave this Gumbytron forsaken planet.


jus’ me & Six Pack Jack

Vogel-Unter, Das große Kartenspiel, Kupferstic...

Vogel-Unter, Das große Kartenspiel, Kupferstich; Bird-Jack, The great pack of cards, etching, L. 269 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

jus’ me, jus’ me ‘n’ Six Pack Jack
sittin’ on the couch, eatin’ on a snack

ain’t got no cable and ain’t got no net
but we got a picture winda so we don’t fret

Jack tells me a story I’ve heard 10000 times
and I spit back mouthfuls of foolish rhymes

the day go by and the beer run dry
must be 4:20, it be time to get high

one paper left in a folded pack
enough for the schwag that’s left in the sack

Six Pack has got his twisting down
we forget where the hell we left that frown

jus me, jus’ me ‘n’ Six Pack Jack
and we don’t give a frick or frack




Freak! (Photo credit: Arman Dz.)

you always were
a Freak

always will

have eyes
cast askance at you
by random strangers

that you are,
you must wear
your Art on your sleeve


take comfort
in the company
of all the other Castaways

that gather in dark corners
allotted for the outcast Souls

you always were
a Freak
you are not Alone


drowning in Ubiquity

Streaming Media West

Streaming Media West (Photo credit: klessblog)


drowning in Ubiquity, purposeless
repetition repetition repetition rote

are we there yet?

dude, we’re not even on the way…

just let the video streaming from every orifice
of this Paste-Up Reality
lull you

lullabies are what we are serving
lullabies are all you will get

no need to think or do or fret
just don’t

don’t even think

to Peak behind the White Curtain



one way ticket to sacrifice

English: Cross Of Sacrifice located in Weymout...

English: Cross Of Sacrifice located in Weymouth, Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


one way ticket to sacrifice
divulged on a dead prophet’s book
not all lies are deceitful    eat the host
we got yer back
–just pay the vig and you can keep yer soul

closing your eyes
becomes a roll of the dice
and faith is better practiced behind the wheel
than broken on it


but little understanding
here and there
blades of grass
not fit for Father

Mother will understand
melt back into her
and sleep


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