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one way ticket to sacrifice

English: Cross Of Sacrifice located in Weymout...

English: Cross Of Sacrifice located in Weymouth, Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


one way ticket to sacrifice
divulged on a dead prophet’s book
not all lies are deceitful    eat the host
we got yer back
–just pay the vig and you can keep yer soul

closing your eyes
becomes a roll of the dice
and faith is better practiced behind the wheel
than broken on it


but little understanding
here and there
blades of grass
not fit for Father

Mother will understand
melt back into her
and sleep



So much faith behind the wheel

so much faith
behind the wheel
so much doubt
about yourself

it is easy
that we believe in those things
the things we take for granted
they are second nature

but believing in yourself?
why not?

you are the only
everchanging constant in your story
and ups and downs
are part of the ride

so the next time
you get behind the wheel
remember who is driving


a new poem


with that amorphous grin
like the fuzzy channels on TV
can’t hear that through the haze
a hamster running in a maze

with that cherished malice
like the silence of the Lamb
on this subject?
haven’t got the stomach for it
too late to forgive or forget

with those crocodile tears
like the last man hanging on the mantle
where art thou?
doesn’t in the least bit matter
seek another God to flatter



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Lamb (Photo credit: freefotouk)


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