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under the affluence

under the affluence

my old man
made his money outsourcing
worked long hours at it
when i was a boy

taught me a lot
how this world works


sent me
to the finest schools
no liberal arts bullshit for me

he molded me
made me in his image

i’m sitting pretty
at the apex of a castle of steel and glass

can almost still see the rest of the city
when the sea wind
blows the smog
off the bay



big, big plans

Nuffield College, Oxford – the first plans dra...

Nuffield College, Oxford – the first plans drawn up by Austen Harrison in 1939 were rejected by Lord Nuffield, and Harrison agreed to modify his plans. This image depicts his revised plans, but further changes were made in the course of construction; the buildings on the left were never constructed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve got mine
and you
well you’ve got what’s left of yours

I don’t think
you understand
my needs
my needs are greater than yours

I have plans
big plans
and you’ll be happy to know
that some of them include you

you’ll get used
to your hungers and infirmities
and find the strength to toil in my fields

you see, I have big plans
big plans and
my needs are greater than yours

climb that ladder mind not who you step on

The unsustainable geometric progression of a c...

The unsustainable geometric progression of a classic pyramid scheme, from Securities and Exchange commission report on pyramid schemes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


some say he climbed a ladder well
he had much to show for it
in many mens eyes
he was a leader

not afraid of stepping on a few
more worthier me than he

he kept a wife, two children, and a dog
it was the station he was on as a child perhaps
charity begins at home


it was a write-off
and much cheaper than advertising
media coverage
slush funds

well, maybe not slush funds
but high paying administrator jobs

even the atmosphere has layers to it
so why not society?

he was in the stratosphere
George Jetson

only so much room at the top
that’s why they call it a Pyramid Scheme


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