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impromptu, on gratefulness

English: An impromptu pond On Bent Lane, near ...

English: An impromptu pond On Bent Lane, near Halldale Wood, bad drainage and some blockage creates a new pond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

do you eat your meals
like the condemned man?
savoring every bite?
knowing that there is no tomorrow?
or do you take your meals for granted?

do you accept a gift
with gratitude for the giver?
or do you turn it down because
it wasn’t exactly what you wanted?

do you draw your first breath every day
thankful for opening your eyes?
given the gift to feel another day’s emotions?
given the gift of apprehending
beauty and ugliness and everything in between?
or are you indifferent, jaded?

do you appreciate life and living
as the miracle it is?
seeing the miraculous in the opening of a crocus
in Spring Time?
or do you stumble through your life
with blinders on?

open your eyes, your ears
open your heart, your mind
touch, taste, smell
with new senses
the senses of the child
in a brand new world

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momentary, grab it while supplies last

the way
to live your life
one thing

one moment
the only gift promised
but so easily overlooked

plans, worries, fears
hide this precious gift

blinding you
to the obvious beauty
you ignore at your own risk

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