Note to Self #8

Photograph of two Eggo's toaster waffles with ...

Photograph of two Eggo's toaster waffles with maple syrup. Afrikaans: Wafels met esdoringstroop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

i remember that day now…  pretty trippy…  i had been off my psych meds for 3 months

Note to Self #8

love has no logic but the freedom of expression…
does a book have dreams of taking naps
in a quiet library?
or being adapted/adopted in a book store?

or is an easily suggestible digestive system
good for the solar system?

I love the smell of napalm
on your pancakes or maybe
some nuclear/unclear maple syrup…

but Big Al drew a stinky
and the cyanitrous wouldn’t feel good there
so Anna kindly gave me ten for nine
and rendered unto Ceasar Salad.

As a reconfigured veteran
of the psychic imagination game
i like to go where I can feel the love…

I do love zippers
on marshmallow pants
and sprinkling the bamboo jungle
in my friend’s gardens
cause it smiles back with rainbows!

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