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Candles (Photo credit: magnuscanis)



robbed of innocence
robbed of life
yet you play among the blood and rubble
looking for a respite from this unrecognizable world

they light candles
for the chosen’s dead,
who will light a candle for your youth?
who will walk among the ruins


of your neighborhood
and take up the cross to rebuild your dreams?

who will take the fight
to the armies of incredulity
that line the Mall?

you do not count
“you” are not like “us”
we do not have to mourn your dead
we have individually wrapped slices of cheese
and guns of our own
do not tread on us
for we are the dreadnought
the juggernaut
we have no time for you

do not ask us how we find the time
to grieve for our own


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