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Cry about Superbowl Sunday


Hump (Photo credit: ┬░Florian)




it is not on command
that you celebrate
except perhaps on Superbowl
and Sundays

you plan
you work
you save
you dream
your little dreams
of Santa suits
and plastic Easter eggs

you decorate
everywhere the Eye can see
even that you do not touch
is decorated by your glance
in sweeping landscapes
and faerie dreams

you celebrate the Hump
with beers and wings
and lottery, watch a little sports or reality
TV has been reduced to a demigod
and Fridays
you collect less than you are due

you ruminate
and brood about bills and ills
maybe do the laundry that has piled up
while you’ve been busy playing
you consider
plan your little plans
and visit friends

you grumble
you rarely celebrate Mondays



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