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Monday Morning Mutterings…



Monday, November 19, 20.12

Somewhere near Snadragon!

May Gumbytron bless you who are reading this.  Another week has passed and I have not resumed my task on level 4 Matrix panel version 2.  As you may recall,  I had a major problem with version 1 when I installed a “superiority” complex in a chaos region of the map.  I’m gonna lay off the superiority complexes for a while.  Vers. 2 has a “pizza” mandala octagon in the center of the prime matrix.  Vegetarian.

My fears are all sleeping on beds of nails.   I’ll play loud music in the echo chamber and let it reverberate through their nightmares.  added to that is this:

no sleep, clogged neurons
and neurotransmitters going haywire
too early to start drinking
tv news drones on about politics
scandals as if

nothing else happens around me
i look out the window
nothing has changed
not even the weather

toxicity levels rise so slowly in this atmosphere
that one day it’ll all just sputter out
i’ll just sputter out

sputter out or tune out
a slow fade to paradise…
turn up the volume
don’t worry, the neighbors won’t hear it
they’re watching tv


at my level of debauchery
i was seriously thinking about cracking a bottle of wine
it’s not even nine
speaking of debauchery
Agnew reports that on the Hamster planet of Snadragon,
on Mondays,
no one was killed by space junk
an orgy ensued
only there were no paparazzi
no one died and no one fried

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