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Buzz Trip through the Cosmos

manhattan solstice 3

manhattan solstice 3 (Photo credit: Dave Kliman)


The Neighborhood Nuts are all hunkered down in their
campers, hovels and sheds for a snowy Solstice.  I
didn’t make it to pops to restock his whiskey supply.
I don’t expect he’ll be going anywhere today.

I’m stationed here for the Solstice in South Mantucky.
My friends all pussed out on putting together a
Solstice Party so fuck ’em.  I’m gonna hide in my
room and try to channel Gumbytron.  It’s a perfect
night to tune into the Divine.

Or get obliviated.  Perhaps I’ll do the latter, I’ll
see what over-the-counter and prescription goodies
I can whip up into a Smoothie and take a Buzz Trip
through the Cosmos.  Ah, but those days are sadly
behind me, I gave up on polluting myself into a
stupor quite a while back.

I had wanted to go down to Lake Hope for the Solstice,
I was supposed to be there for the 72 hour opening
of the Blue Gate but it wasn’t in the cards.  I had
thought of renting a cabin down there but again none
of my buddies would commit.

I could have worked on the replacement matrix board
for level 4 I suppose, which by the way is progressing
nicely.  Getting rid of the Superiority Complex is
a major improvement over the previous prototype.  And
the Pizza Mandala in the center of the matrix grid
looks quite good.  I don’t think I’ll include any
intersects of divine intercession into the matrix but
mazy add a few gates.

Which reminds me, I have to get my Hyborian Gates
cards back from Knight Chris so I can complete my
matrix board.  I could also use some found objects
but nothing of interest has turned up around here.

I feel kind of naked without my wizard staff.  I
should have brought it with me to Mantucky.  At least
I have my spell book, “Space Ghost : The Sorceress of
Cyba-3,” with me.  Don’t think I’ll need it but you
never know.



The Blue Gate, Life and a somewhat random facebook status.

My dream is to make a living wage doing something I love to do for as long
as it gives me joy. I don’t desire riches, in fact I fear them. Fame is a
fleeting friend. But waking up every day knowing that come what may, I will
be grateful for whatever comes my way…

I have what I require in the way of food, shelter, medicine and basic
transportation. (Praise Gumbytron for the use of my sister’s old minivan
which is still running) But concert tickets once a summer would be nice.
Yeah I’d like more, but at least once a summer. Oh yeah and a way to get
there. Thanks Manvir for Furthur last summer, the bus trip there and back
was quite a journey.

Where was I. Oh yeah, it started with a simple question in my noggin.
Am I crazy because I believe it is the right of every human being to be
treated as such when they are actively engaged in doing something that she
loves, that also benefits those around her, should she not expect that for
her efforts on behalf of humanity that she be entitled to a living wage?

Oh fool’s talk! Let’s talk Manchester United, Marc, how is their season going?
(aside to a Facebook friend)

Concert tickets for New Year’s, eh, we may not see New Year’s, I’ll probably
be down at Lake Hope for the Mayan Solstice. The Blue Gate that Knight Chris
and Knight Derek opened in the woods there will be open for three days.

Gumbytron has instructed me that I must remain at the gate but I can’t leave
until everyone is done passing through those 72 hours (give or take a few
nanoseconds) The system will never elminate the human element. That is why
it is called an element. So we must rely on technicians in Snadragon (in a
near parallel universe to operate the controls, for which they are handsomely
compensated, I  might add) during the aperture of the Blue Gate.

OK, perhaps the beginning of my earlier phrasing “Am I crazy…” maybe a moot
point after the revelation of my Mayan Solstice plans. But I have a big
problem on my hands. You see, I don’t know where the Blue Gate is exactly
as I was having back trouble and couldn’t make the hike from the campsite in
2001 and listened to Bluegrass Music for three hours while Knight Chris and
Knight Derek went on the quest that I had sent them on to open the Blue Gate
to Snadragon. And Knight Chris and Knight Derek have jobs and families and
responsibilities now and may not be able to make it to help me find the way
back to the Blue Gate.

But, I will go nonetheless. See how much it costs to rent a cabin. Gumbytron
instructed me to stay near the gate for three days but by Pokemon I don’t
have to freeze my nuts off doing it. Probably can’t afford a three night stay,
though. Be happy if I could afford one night but hey rates may be cheap.
Don’t own a tent. Maybe I could borrow Knight Chris’s. Don’t believe that
Knight Derek has a tent. Or sleep in the minivan and turn on the heat every
couple hours.

The things we do for faith in our own dreams…

Listen to this reading of my new poem:

a happy idiot


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