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Pathetic Phallus i.e. other forms of shrinkage

Pathetic Phallus i.e.
other forms of shrinkage

there are days you feel like shrinking
and days that you’re already shrunk

there are days you spend a drinking
and days you wake already drunk

there are days you run for cover
to put up shelter from the storm

there are days that you don’t bother
and think of only staying warm

you shrink from Life
you shrink from Death
you shrink from even trying

you hide your chips
and stack your cheese
from eyes you feel a prying

shrinkage seems to be your natural state
evaporation, lying
you’ve given up on tempting Fate –
capitulation, dying

you think you’ll shrink?
to nothingness?
you think that it’ll work?

methinks you’ll find
that shrinkage sucks
you worthless fucking jerk


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