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In the parking lot lies a Boxer

Upper Cut punching angle bag

Upper Cut punching angle bag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




In the parking lot lies the boxer

Dennis shot himself in the head in his car,
at the reservoir, in the metered parking
where he and I would drive and check out
the young women exercising around the lake.

I had wondered why his cell phone rang
disconnected, but being a stranger to his Mom,
I was afraid to walk down to his house and
check on him, and then my muse went teetering
on the edge of insanity, well not the edge,

she was committed and I had to relocate very quickly.

It was a year later, in a call from Texas, that my
Muse told me that Dennis had shot himself at the
reservoir a week after I had last seen him.

Patricia Anne Donohue the day the music died?… or for reals..
2 hours ago ยท Like

Heard in a conversation with my Muse last summer,
Think August, I only knew Dennis for a short time
while I was In Cali, he promised he was gonna put
up a punching bag off the tree we’d go to take a
swig of whiskey and teach me how to box. But then
he told me a lot of things in the short time I walked
the neighborhood with him.


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