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A song of Praise for Gumbytron

English: A short-haired hamster (named "E...

English: A short-haired hamster (named “Egbert”) sitting in its owner’s hand and eating a piece of carrot. Français : Un hamster mangeant un morceau de carotte dans les mains de son propriétaire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, the first verse is a chorus and the rest well you know.

Kinda cheesy but hey!

she gave the hamster freedom, will,
their planet she did carry,
she asked for nothing, nothing still,
was fond of Curly, Moe & Larry

she heard one night
of such a plight,
the plight of the earth dwelling human
she tarried not,
packed up her twat
and bounced toward the fire a-zoomin’

shelters o’er here
casinos there
not a light in the eyes of one human
looked by the size
but  zombies and fries
need an a-bomb? call disinfect Truman

no a-bomb she said
just bury the dead
and she cast a peculiar pallor
across, apace,
that great son’s face
she was known for her cunning and valor

coming hither
going tither
the humans all huddled and bonded
twas Gumbytron
who saved the sun
and gave back the joy twas absconded

all humans here
all hamsters there
rejoiced in her beautiful shadow
were filled with awe
from what they saw
they loved her and not cause they had to



a new poem


with that amorphous grin
like the fuzzy channels on TV
can’t hear that through the haze
a hamster running in a maze

with that cherished malice
like the silence of the Lamb
on this subject?
haven’t got the stomach for it
too late to forgive or forget

with those crocodile tears
like the last man hanging on the mantle
where art thou?
doesn’t in the least bit matter
seek another God to flatter



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Lamb (Photo credit: freefotouk)


an irregular jesus

Security camera at London (Heathrow) Airport. ...

Security camera at London (Heathrow) Airport. Taken by Adrian Pingstone in August 2004 and released to the public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

an irregular Jesus

an irregular Jesus
who likes to take vacations in the asylum
walks into Ace hardware for some glass cleaner
and gets lost

he finds himself in line with a bottle of pneumonia
when the lady in front of him has her credit declined
and walks away empty handed

he yallers, “Hey! i got a GOLD tooth.”
but she disapppears

he forgets his first miracle for a moment
and the pain in his chest nearly drops him to the floor

he laughs and waves at the security camera
remembering to wander
to the corner to clean a few windows for the Man

hard as a chisel, a fool inside

Saguaro and teddy bear cholla with mountains i...

Saguaro and teddy bear cholla with mountains in background (Photo credit: Martin LaBar)

hard as a chisel, a fool inside

music, memories
being packed away
like yesterday’s news

it’s contrary to my nature

to be so forthcoming

pieces of two lives, more
the hunter marks the trail

twelve to a pack and loaded for bears
wipe away tomorrow’s tears
a sunny spring day to walk on mother earth

an extra thumb in somebody else’s book

lost again for the third or forth time today
led on by the lies the senses tell you

next you’ll be telling me
i’m making all this up
well someone has too

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