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Are spiders vindictive?

The orb web of Zygiella spiders have missing s...

The orb web of Zygiella spiders have missing sectors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I leave spiders in the house alone. Popz says that spiders
can be very vindictive but I really believe if you leave
the little girls alone and don’t screw with their webs, they
will be happy to allow you to coexist with them in the same

Part of this philosophy comes from an experience I had dusting
cob webs at my love’s house. I got to one cobweb and there was
a spider still in the web, that I hadn’t noticed. Cob spiders
are very small. As I was moving the dust wand toward the web,
the spider, she began doing rapid loop-de-loops on her web and
I pulled my wand back.

Now it could be that she was just trying to make herself look
larger to a perceived predator or it could be, like Popz says,
vindictiveness, and a little message that if I’m going to attempt
to kill her, I had better make sure she’s dead or else I can
expect her to come crawling into my bed as I sleep and give me a
nice infected bite.

Who knows? This is just my personal feeling.

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