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dark side of the farce

Formation au CFPJ

Formation au CFPJ (Photo credit: Zevillage)


giving in to the dark side
of the farce
parading as reality

the almost magical sound
of bitcoins jingling in your empty pockets

twisted into ‘why’s and ‘not’s
at every claw machine in the gallery
never enough

and then the parading streams
of in Formation
line us up like pretty little cabbages
destined to be rotting cole slaw
on the ash heap of Misery

but we need more bigger better faster grids
to move in Formation
around and around

and never ever notice another cardinal
sitting in a tree on an April day again



what you wish for

Seal of the C.I.A. - Central Intelligence Agen...

Seal of the C.I.A. – Central Intelligence Agency of the United States Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when white people die
senseless deaths (as if any make sense)
the newsman will tell you
where and when to cry

write your congressman
protect us please
but don’t take away
our guns

we can live with the deaths
the newsman never mentions
though they pale the losses we have “suffered”

i suppose their lives
are worth less

it’s not news
and why should you care?

kids killing kids in inner cities never get a mention
drone strikes in sovereign lands
run by the CIA for fuck’s sake
do you lie awake at night like i do
pondering the villainy?

but then you are surprised
ready to take up arms

ready to give up your freedom
for the security of a sheeple’s pen

you may get what you wish for

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a moment of your attention

English: This is the upside down view of Orion...

English: This is the upside down view of Orion where you can see the ‘pot’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


what brings me
fills my Being
with Hope?

the simplicity of a gentle April rain

moonlit nights dreaming of Orion’s Belt

conversations with my sister’s cat

the neighbor’s black squirrel
that keeps the wheels turning

Simple things
with such power
the power to drown out the tumult
of Matrices of Dissonance
everywhere intruding in this life

but not in that Simple Space of Solace
and all that it requires

is a moment of Attention

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i do not wear a mask

De facto flag for the Anonymous group. Español...

De facto flag for the Anonymous group. Español: Bandera de facto del grupo Anonymous. Français : Principal drapeau/logo du groupe Anonymous (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




i am not Anonymous
i do not wear a mask

perhaps it is a fool’s game i play
but i am tired

it was easy to believe the lies
when i had the eyes of a Lamb
it was easy to stand up for God & Country
but now i see it’s all a sham

lying awake at nights
i realize how badly i’ve been taken
by the very system that i grew up to trust

i can deal with being played the Fool
i can turn the other cheek

but it is not me alone that has been taken
i have friends
i have neighbors
neighbors that i do not know

and it wasn’t like this
it wasn’t like this when i began

and i cannot close my eyes
or wear a mask


i should be angry, but at whom?

Angry Talk (Comic Style)

Angry Talk (Comic Style) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

i would
be shocked
wander around my house
in disbelief

but i am none of these

perhaps i am numb
or just indifferent
having seen the story played out

over and over

and wonder, “Why?”

but it should come as no surprise
that there are angry people
in this country
in this world

i am angry

i am angry at
a government-corporate-military industrial-media complex
that feeds the public pabulum and lies
and though i doubt my kazoo
would be of little use in effective change

there are
and always will be
people whose anger at the lies

forces them to take up arms and end it

this is not to say that i have no compassion
for the victims,
and witness victims who must now live with what they’ve seen

but it has happened before
that those who would rule the world
there are too many people
to control

the Devil’s bills

English: The Devil's Fireplace, detail- the Devil

English: The Devil’s Fireplace, detail- the Devil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



i can’t
remember when it started

what shook me
from the Tree of Ordinary Life

yeah, i was there
Yuppie to the core
and climbing over dead men’s bones
without examining my own

without examining my own

i could have
grabbed a brass ring
cashed in
lived with the lies you have to tell
to get along


i wasn’t getting along
i wasn’t getting along at all

my body
my spirit
fought me at every step

and something snapped
perhaps I snapped

but found
i couldn’t play the reindeer games
required to pay the Devil’s bills


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you put the schwag in the rolling paper

English: Diagram of a cigarette. Filter made o...

English: Diagram of a cigarette. Filter made of 95% cellulose acetate. Tipping paper to cover the filter. Rolling paper to cover the tobacco. Tobacco blend. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


sister had some papers she got them in a crime
brother bought a bag he trade it for a dime

he put the schwag in the rollin’ paper
he roll a joint up
he put the schwag in the rollin’ paper
he roll a joint up
he put the schwag in the rollin’ paper
and smoked that motherfucker up

called his dealer, woke him up
and said:

Hey man, this shit is pretty great
Hey man, can i get another eighth

you such a silly fucker
let me tell you watcha do
meet on the corner
at twenty minutes to
you better have the money
or you’ll walk home feeling blue

with no schwag to put in rollin’ papers
you gonna sit and stew

brother gave him 30 dollars, dealer told him what to do

you put the schwag in the rollin’ paper
you roll a joint up
you put the schwag in the rollin’ paper
you roll a joint up
you put the schwag in the rollin’ paper
and you and and your favorite dealer smoke the fucker up







CnutusDominion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


inside my head
roads retrodden
grooves worn
into my navigation center
in my brain

the familiarity
getting lost in a radio song
and realizing you’re where
you wanted to go

like a needle on a phonograph
following one and the same
lonely track


the music
can be
oh so sweet


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culture of vermin

A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers.

A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



culture of vermin
cross-pollenating freely
across continents


indigenous homes
subject to search and seizure
hand them all cell phones


faraway jungles
eaten for fast food wrappers
will we ever learn?


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Oil Tanker Bertina

Oil Tanker Bertina (Photo credit: kenjonbro)


I dreamt
(perhaps it wasn’t a dream)

wasn’t a dream at all

across wasteland
looking down
eyes looking down

nothing forward
nothing passed

and there
in the middle of orange scrub
bumped into an oil tanker

or perhaps
i was a garden slug
encountering my house



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