an implication of Light

OMG Evil Groundhog

OMG Evil Groundhog (Photo credit: mygothlaundry)

dVerse Poets Pub has posted a prompt for poems related to brightness
in the shadows for Groundhog Day.  Below you will find my offering
for this prompt.

an implication of Light

the Shadow,
an implication of Light;
without Light,
the Shadow
cannot be seen

and too,
there are things
to be seen
even in the Shadow,
things perhaps not seen
even in the Light

  1. without light the shadow cannot be seen..ha..true that….and some things are more visible in the shade as well…

  2. nice…there are def benefits to both the light and the shadow…good things in each…and dangers in too much of each as well….smiles…

    • Laurie Kolp
    • February 2nd, 2013

    Love the deeper meaning in this…

  3. ..both are interconnected… without the lights shadows are no use…without shadows the world must be in darkness… light signals new beginnings…and shadow signals hope that in every darkness a light still shines…. smiles..

    • lucychili
    • February 4th, 2013

    like the idea of seeing in the shadow. sometimes bright light can be blinding. i like the light of dusk which is a kind of shadow. colour seems more intense then.

  4. Lovely and perceptive!

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