Speaking in Silent Tongues

I woke up to the Truth
and found myself spontaneously
speaking in tongues

This of course
made me feel somehow superior and
it was good

I would gather
with throngs of speakers
in crowded little halls and
listen to the babble of the crowd

I believed it and
it was good
for a long, long time

One day I saw a man
sitting in an arbor
clad in rags.
I approached him
hoping to speak to him
of the Truth I had found

As I came near
I noticed that his eyes were closed
I studied him
the rise and fall of his breathing
for nigh on 10 minutes
I knew he sensed my presence
but he never said a word

He opened his eyes and
looked in mine,
slowly rose to his feet
then silently walked away
I listened to his silence

I haven’t spoken since

  1. January 22nd, 2013

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