a happy idiot


i have my survey map,
my lamp and shovel

there is no trail
but the landmarks are clear
it can’t be much farther

the sun sits
at just the right angle
for my little endeavor

my heart beats faster
as i hear the rush of Griswold Creek

i drop my gear
and take a drink of water
from my canteen
wipe my brow

miles from the road
but this is the spot
the survey says so

gather up the gear and head off
toward the banks of the creek
and in three minutes

i am standing on a small bluff
overlooking a turn in the bed
and put down my gear

looking around and
humming  “not fade away”

time to get started

i find a clear spot
five feet from the bank
and spread the map out on the ground

looks like plenty of digging
on this side of the creek
and the sun
oh, the sun!

along the banks
that’s where the treasure lies

i dig one hole into the bank
three feet deep
and water begins to pool
in the muddy bottom


i dig like this
until the sun begins to hang low

the light isn’t right
but i’ve waited too long
i’m not stopping now

and the full moon
is already cresting the treeline

try the other bank beneath the moonlight?
or head home and hope for another day

i am the happy idiot by the creek
digging for rainbows in the banks


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