how i screwed up level 4

no poetry today…  today i talk about matrix boards.

in 2011 i commenced to build my first level 4 matrix panel.  i was living in the hills around San Francisco and the idea of making level 4 a covenant board was floating around in my head. 

i thought i had created a good design and actually made two more level 4 matrix panels for some friends.  the problem was i had put a superiority complex on the matrix along with a free range chaos zone.  big mistake.

my girlfriend and i were attacked with microwaves and she ended up in the hospital and the neighbor put me on a plane back to Ohio.  i don’t know if you’ve ever been subjected to microwave radiation but it’s horrible. 

i am trying to correct the design flaw through construction of a stable level 5 matrix panel and am making good progress but seeing as my original level 4 matrix panel was discarded by my girlfriend, i think i’m going to have to go back and build a better level 4 covenant matrix panel.

fortunately, the level 3 matrix panel is stable and safely tucked in my basement.  i just received a homunculus to put on one of my matrix panels and i think i’ll put it somewhere on the level 3 panel for safekeeping.

now the instructions for building a matrix board have also been discarded so i will have to write an updated instruction manual with my findings on potential problems with superioroity complexes.

stay tuned for further details and read some of my other posts for poetry from my book “Space Christals” available now on Amazon.

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