Program Wobbly

i was in a mood when i wrote this thinking of shit and computer programming…

Program Wobbly

111 feeling a bit wobbly-wobbly ‘(?)’
112 gotta lay off the hallucinogenic poetry for a while
113 this hell of laughter mirth and merriment is making me dizzy
114 how do you get /off/ this thang ‘(?)’
115 when do you get /off/ ‘(?)’
121 wanna come over and smoke some cigs eat cheese and drink some whiskey til we puke ‘(?)’
122 i m getting me-sick
123 i m getting home-sick
124 i m getting poem-sick
125 somebody call my mama cause i need a new set of snow tires for the minivan
132 how do y all do this without fist-fucking the computer ‘(?)’
133 my mouse my mouse my mouse is on a wire ‘(!)’
134 for the love of Hitler will you please tell me where the /off/ button is ‘(?)’
135 wipe that shit-eating grin off your face if you re not gonna share ‘(!)’
141 i ve come to a decision
142 i like you ‘(!)’
143 that s why i m going to shut the fuck up ‘(!)’
144 feeling a bit wobbly-wobbly ‘(!)’
145 END

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