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something about nothing at all


27 November 2012

Been all over Gumbytron’s Cremation today, and I must say, a fine day it was.  Woke up groggy around noon and had my day’s first cigarette.  Bugler.  Trying to quit the nicotine scene but those darn drones they keep flying 24/7 keep chemtrailing me with subliminal tobacco advertisements.

My sis need me to run and take her kids to their practices so I did that and headed to Downer Town to take a book to an old friend.  It was a copy of the Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.  I had to read it twice to get the story but definitely want to read it again.

Finished reading my reader’s copy of Bent: Atypical Girl by Teri Louise Kelly and absolutely loved it.  Forgot to mention that.

Anyway I went to Downer Town to visit an old friend and we went out to dinner at El Campesino’s and the place was empty on a Tuesday night.   Got to have some decent Mexican food and some conversation other than the Buckeyes beating the Wolverines.  Actually we talked some deep shit.  Theosophy, Chopra, the cellular hypertorus I was down loaded with,  the prophetic dreams she would have.  You know, usual wizard stuff.

I like wizards.

After that I stopped at my surrogate father unit’s little shack near Huckabuck to have a couple shots of Evan Williams and smoke a hooter.  He’s not all plugged in, which I like, and he told me some good drinking stories.  He usually does…  I reminded him that he was Cronos which he seems to forget when he’s been drinking.

Drive the 22 miles home thinking about the shape of reality I want to see and how it all seems to be happening around me.  The moon is full and we are supposed to have a penumbral eclipse but I’ve gone out several times for a cigarette and still haven’t seen the eclipse.  Gonna go out have one more smoke and look.


ramblings about matrix boards

linear map attached to a 2-by-2 matrix

linear map attached to a 2-by-2 matrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)!/pages/Space-Christals/247497271985165?bookmark_t=page

here is a picture of my level 3 matrix board in operation in my bunker.  as i mentioned in a previous post, i screwed up on the construction of the level 4 matrix board and i’m going to have to go back and make a new one.

the matrix first came to me in some download in December of 1994 and i constructed level 1 out of a piece of cardborad in jamuary and february of 1995.  that was a big mistake because when the people on the matrix board started warring with each other i broke it in half in anger.

but that is another story…

the matrix is based on what i perceived to be a “cellular hypertorus” that could be navigated via the matrix boards that i build.  years go by between building of levels.  the prototype for level 5 is in the bunker next to level 3.

on another topic, more on downloads, i received some downloads the other day while i was inspired and of all things, the men in black were shooting at me again.  i wonder if they somehow got my coordinates because i hadn’t heard from them in a couple years.

i wish the Illuminati would pimp my ride.  my minivan is in sad shape.

odd ramblings in the middle of the night

tuesday, 02.07.20..12

bragadocio a dosie doh and here we go.  spent a week partying my ass off and i’m exhausted…  i’m running on fumes.  Saturday night, i found out while watching CNN and the Nevada Caucus results that i was married to the new female commentator in a parallel universe.  more of the TV saying one thing and my mind hearing something completely different.

only sold 3 copies of my new book, “Space Christals” and i’m not sure how to proceed in promoting it.  i’m thinking of leaving some copies lying around in coffee shops and maybe even outside the library here in town.  don’t know what good it will do.  everybody seems to be so busy smartphoning that no one has time to try to figure out my poetry.

i’m quitting the Space Program
i’m not even in the Space Program
you can tell by the way i like to breathe atmosphere
and we all go home with smiles on our faces

what’s really tragic is that you’re reading this
maybe nobody is reading this
maybe i’m not writing this
maybe i’m just imagining i’m writing this

my head is a big ball of mush right now

wait a  minute…  now i remember!  i’m supposed to be engaging the reader!  but actually i have no time for that… there’s nonsense to discuss, one thing that there seems to be a steady supply of.

speaking of nonsense, this is an election year and i’ve been watching a lot of CNN…  i think i’m addicted.  the debates are better than any reality shows out there for entertainment.  i’m glad there are still 4 candidates.  can’t wait for the next shoe to drop.  the top two spend more time explaining themselves than talking about the issues.  i probably won’t even vote… i’ve moved 3 times in 7 months…  once across the country.   yeah, so i probably won’t vote.  i’d vote Green anyway so probably not gonna do them much good this year.

now i’ll close with a poem from my new book:


Riding the main road into Zion,
Of the Pope
Taking off his miter
And jacking off to a picture
Of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas
Doing it on a divan,

Sweat dripping from my mustache,
It tastes like your sex

And I’m thinking of you,
Far away in Zion,
Lying in bed
With a dyke named Hal
Eating Malomars and smoking Pall Malls,
Malomar crumbs on your saggy, brown belly.

I’ll be in Zion in 12 and a half hours
If I push the Dodge the rest of the ride
And don’t get stopped for speeding.

Can I have coffee with you in the morning?
Will you let me tell you dirty stories
While I make you scream?

Tell Hal to put your key under the mat
When she leaves.

I have a trunk full of Malomars.

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